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5 Things to Add to Your Life so Your Thyroid Can Thrive

By: Stacey Robbins

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Sometimes life feels so full – or we feel so tired with our thyroid taking a dive – that we can’t imagine doing




I totally get it.

Don’t be afraid. This little list is only going to add more yumminess to your days. It’s not filled with more to do’s– it’s filled with more love.

And guess what, girlfriends…your thyroid could use more love.

So many of us have gone through some kind of abuse or tragedy – a car accident or sports injury, a financial, relational, or spiritual strain that has left us worn out.

And now our thyroids are waving the little white flag.

I remember when my gynecologist looked at me and said, “Stacey, you’ve been stressed since you were in your mother’s womb. You’ve had a lifetime of stress.”

I just looked at her. I was a little insulted. How could she think that about me? Was she saying I was weak? That I couldn’t handle things?

I searched her eyes, this woman who had known me for 15 years as a friend and doctor, and saw only love there.

So, I stopped being offended and took a few moments to reflect on my life:

The stressful marriage, the financial pressures, the extended family dynamics, the work-too-much, think-too-much, do-too-much disease that I’d suffered from my whole life. Add that to the guilt and fear that drove me day and night and on and on and…


She was right.

How could I think that I could live that way for so long without some kind of impact on my health?

The impact zone was my thyroid.

And if the thyroid affects every cell in our body, why would I think that a pill was going to change an entire lifestyle that I had fostered for most of my life?

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a pill.

I needed to do something.
Change something.

Because my body was talking to me and it was saying, “It’s time for change.”

So, girlfriends, if your life is talking to you, too, maybe you’re ready to trade out your stress for peace.

Here are 5 groovy ways to do it.

1.) Earthing/Grounding (Hug a Tree):

Your feet in the grass, your hands in the dirt, your back against a tree. This is called Earthing or Grounding.

The simple way to say it is that nature trades with us: When we come with our stress, it gives us its peace. The scientific way to say it is this: the earth has a negative charge (which is a really good thing) and we come with too many positive charges (think free radicals – not such a good thing) and as we put our bare feet or hands or body onto the earth, an exchange happens.

It sounds woo-woo, but there’s good data on how it lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and brings a sense of calm. Our thyroids lurve the earth.

2.) Conscious Breathing (Breathe like a Baby):

I know, I know. You already breathe. But did you know that when we’re living in stress-mode, we either resort to shallow breathing high in our chest or we hold our breath as if we’re bracing ourselves for the bad news truck to hit us? Yup, we do.

We can shift it up with techniques like square breathing (breath in for four counts, hold for four, breathe out for four, and hold the exhale for four). Or we can count 36 breaths in and out (if we miss a count, we start over). These techniques return us to that deep belly breath. You know who’s awesome at breathwork? Sleeping babies, sighing babies, laughing babies, and crying babies. If we need to find our breath-guru, we need only look to the nearest crib.

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3.) Play (Live Your Retirement Now):

Life can feel so serious. So. Freakin’. Serious. It’s easy to feel tight and stingy with ourselves…to see work as valuable and play as frivolous. I’ve lived that! It’s great to dig deep and push through to the other side of a project. Totally get it.

But here’s the illusion some of us have: the “when” and “then” thinking. “When I finish this, then I’ll feel relaxed enough to do that.” Which is totally fine – I teach my kids that (studies or practicing first, before screen time). However, when you’re a type-A personality who always finds more work to do, then you’re constantly delaying your joy for a later time that never comes. I call that “Retirement Mentality”.


I’ll do this job for 40 years, and then I’ll do something fun with whatever time is left.

Hmmm, how….uninspiring.

Guess what? It’s not the only way to live.

You can build play into your day, EVERY day. Kick the soccer ball around with your kids, dance to your favorite 80s tunes, color mandalas with your best friend, put on a big skirt and spin around.

I’m not kidding. That skirt-spinning thing has magical powers.

Do something fun today and your thyroid will be so happy!

4.) Kindness (Makes the World Go Round):

Someone holds the door for you, a driver lets you into the lane you’re merging into, a stranger pays for your coffee at the drive-thru. Feels so good, right? And you know what? You can do that for YOU. With your words, with your actions, with your thoughts – especially with your thoughts. That naggy, bitchy, mini-dictator who lives in your head needs a day off. Try standing in front of the mirror and saying nice things about your thighs, your eyes, and your boobs. And please note, “Wow, you’re really saggy” is not a compliment.

My rule with my clients is if they make a list of negatives about themselves, I make them tell me a list of their positives. I do that with my kids too. And I am serious about it. One of them said, “I’m so stupid, Mom.” And after I listened I said, “Now, say six kind things about yourself.” I actually pulled the car over, looked him in the eyes and listened to him say those yummy words out loud so that he could see me smile and nod the whole time. Negativity is a habit, and so is positivity. Wear a good groove of kindness toward yourself. Happiness follows.

5.) Gratitude:

I’m cringing a little at writing that. Truly. There’s so much about gratitude right now that it makes me want to pick something like “Jump on a pogo stick” just to be different, but honestly? There’s so much power in simply thinking of three things/people/experiences you’re grateful for before your feet hit the floor in the morning, and another three things before you close your eyes at night. I just can’t deny mentioning it. I need to share that with you. The power of gratitude dials down your RPMs of negativity and gets you moving in a good-for-your-thyroid direction.

Being negative doesn’t spare you from bad things happening. It keeps you from joy. Gratitude opens your heart to joy.

Joy is so good for your health.

So, that’s the deal. Five simple things to add to your life that are game-changers for your thyroid because if your stress is down, your happiness is up – and every part of you has a greater opportunity to thrive like it’s designed to.

Sending you big love and great health!




About the Author

Stacey Robbins lives life by inspiration as an Integrated Wellness Coach, Speaker, and Author of An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide, You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone, and Bloom Beautiful. She creates experiences through her international retreats and workshops, empowering women to live from what she calls their “Brave Soul Place.” Stacey resides in Southern California with her author, tech-geek, musician husband and their two amazing, curly-haired teenage sons.