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You CAN heal. ​And we can help.

Have you ever wondered, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be healthy and do the things my friends seem to do so easily? Why am I so tired? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I think straight? Why can’t I keep up?”
We know what it’s like because we’re thyroid patients too. We’re Danna & Ginny and we know the fear, isolation, and overwhelm. The good news is, there’s a lot you can do to feel better. Things like finding the right diet, prioritizing sleep, reducing toxins, managing stress, and repairing gut health, are all part of a thyroid-healthy lifestyle.

We’re big believers in the science behind these recommendations because they worked for us!

We’ve used thyroid-specific diet and lifestyle changes to reclaim our health and energy, reduce our autoimmune antibodies, and diminish those pesky residual symptoms that medication leaves behind.

To be honest, making these changes wasn’t easy, because we did it alone.

​​​​​​​But what if you didn’t have to?

That’s the question we set out to answer, and the reason behind our revolutionary 30-day wellness adventure. THYROID30® turns the pursuit of optimal thyroid health into a game. Built on the power of team support, contagious optimism, and a game-based rewards system, THYROID30 can help you reclaim your life and vitality, one doable step at a time.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or decades down the path, you will be welcomed and supported by this clear, simple, fun, and affordable program. For those of you feeling like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, you haven’t tried this!


There’s a lot of information out there about WHAT to do if you have thyroid disease.
​​​​​​​We’re here to show you HOW to do it.


“I never knew that this would be possible... to find myself (or a glimpse of it) again! This was my first time going gluten free, taking better care of me - and wow: I feel like a different person. Or actually: I feel closer to my former self again! I am learning so much about my health and how I can feel better again. I now see the relationship between nutrition, stressors and my well-being.

This "game" and platform are life-changing to me, and I believe to many others! The information and resources you are providing, I had never found anywhere else and are so solid and trustworthy. Thank you so much for that! Please, keep doing what you do: it changes lives!"

- Liesbeth E., THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018
"THYROID30 really has helped me be consistent with my health goals. Knowing that the platform is there to keep me accountable was amazing. 

I love the fun game aspect of the platform, it really made me think twice before making poor health choices. During the past 30 days, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my health thanks to THYROID30!"
- Caz W., THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018
"THYROID30 made it fun and easy to get into the routine of being consistent with my thyroid health. It's important to be held accountable and establish habits that will take you through a lifetime of good health even with thyroid disease. The 30 days whizz by so quickly!" 
- Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism, Fall 2018
"THYROID30 is different than anything I have ever done to support my thyroid health! It’s a fun and interactive experience that creates awareness of the kind of everyday choices thyroid patients will benefit from. Connecting and checking in daily with a community of others with the same focus, and without judgement, is just what I needed! I also love that each individual begins with baby steps wherever they decide to based on their own journey. THYROID30 guides you through a variety of resources you can use, but nothing is forced on you. Thank you, Danna and Ginny, for this place where we can part of a real and supportive community!"
- Maureen V. THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018

“My thyroid problem began with a nickel poisoning from a birth control device. And with a whole host of other issues that made me very sick over the past 7 years. My levels swing from Hypo to Hyper and I struggle daily to keep up with med changes. But I can say the thing that has helped the most with my levels is staying gluten-free. This program has helped me see that finally for sure. Next, I will take sugar out completely! That will be tough. But I'm ready!”

- Tina T., THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018
"This is so different than anything I’ve tried. I am thinking about my life, my health, and my choices in a whole new way. It really is about the long game. I’ll be reaping the benefits of THYROID30 for years to come."
- Julie M., THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018

“This is a really good thing for thyroid patients. I convinced my mother to do it with me and she was able to learn things she did not know about her thyroid health and make things a priority when she had not in the past. I would definitely do this again. The website is really user-friendly and pretty and I love the badges and the "game" aspect. Well done.”

- Melanie A., THYROID30 Participant, Fall 2018



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