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Our Thyroid Thrivers’ Grocery Guide includes over 130 delicious foods to choose from, including:
Protein Sources
Fruits & Vegetables
Gluten-free Whole Grains
Herbs, Seasonings & Condiments
Healthy Fats & Oils
Sweets & Treats

When it comes to a thyroid-friendly diet, there sure are a lot of things we’re not supposed to eat. That’s no fun! We like to focus on the positives here at Thyroid Refresh, like all the wonderful and healthy foods we can eat – foods that nourish us and help us feel our best.

More Than Just a Shopping List…

Use this resource as food for your brain, to help you envision what a thyroid thriver’s meals could consist of. Let it inspire a little daydreaming about what your kitchen might look like if you were eating to protect and maintain your thyroid health. Getting your imagination involved in your thyroid-healthy lifestyle is a huge step towards success. In the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Every body is different, and we each have our own unique set of food sensitivities and dietary triggers, so adjust this (non-exhaustive) list as necessary for you, or whatever dietary protocol you may be utilizing at this point on your healing journey.

**Please Note: Organic is ideal for a thyroid-friendly diet**

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