Mindful Minute: One-Minute Guided Breathwork

By: Lauren Chelec Cafritz

Lauren Chelec Cafritz, founder of Experience Breath, guides us through this short breathwork session. She is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and mental clarity using the power of breath. Lauren has found that harnessing the full potential of the breath empowers us, and provides us with emotional and physical healing.

Listen/Watch time: 1.5 minutes

Breathwork has rejuvenated Lauren’s own life. Many years ago, after her son was born, she woke up unable to move her neck. A friend introduced her to his breathworker, who helped Lauren release tension and pain with specific breathing patterns. Not only did the pain melt away, but she felt a renewed sense of energy and spiritual connection. This transformational experience launched her on a ten-year study of different breathwork methods, and eventually led to Lauren starting a teaching practice.

What Is Breathwork?

It is a practice that connects our inhale and exhale in a way that clears the mind, helps to heal and rejuvenate the body, and connects us to something greater than ourselves. As a result, our confidence and peace of mind increase, leaving us feeling more balanced and clear.

Breathwork uses conscious breathing – varied rhythm, location, and speed – as a healing tool. Conscious breathing increases the breath, enabling us to take bigger, fuller inhales, and draw more oxygen into the body. Breathwork can be practiced alone, with a facilitator, or in a group. It can help address physical ailments, tension, and mental and emotional ‘blockages’.

The Benefits of Breathwork:

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About the Author

Lauren Chelec Cafritz is a practitioner of many schools of breathwork and continually seeks and studies new methods to deepen her own understanding and practice and to help her clients. She is certified in Integrative Breathwork and Transformational Breath®. Her own experience with breathwork launched her on a ten-year study of different methods, and eventually a teaching practice. Lauren believes that practicing a big, full breath will bring you live a bigger, fuller life. Follow her on Facebook, check out her website, ExperienceBreath and join her at one of her retreats.