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Mindset Makeover: A Pep Talk from the Author of Undoing Hashimoto’s

By: Leah Carver

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This is a short excerpt from Leah Carver’s book, Undoing Hashimoto’s. While Hashimoto’s interrupted the pattern of Leah’s life, it was also taught her to trust her inner knowledge and take action. Using the knowledge she had gained over years of helping others as a yoga instructor and spa professional, she was able to develop a practice for herself. Leah’s story is a reminder that we must all find the way that works for us, and sometimes unconventional methods or new ways of thinking can make the difference between discouragement and success.

Autoimmune disease can seem scary and overwhelming. There are no quick solutions or easy answers for most of us. If we ignore it, it accelerates, and if we want to change it, we have to become our own advocates, we have to search out the best doctors, we have to keep throwing mud at the wall and that takes energy when we don’t have any.

Daily practice can be no easy thing, especially when it comes from a place of rigidity. Not only do you have to make the time and put it above all things, but it takes having the resiliency to show up without attachment to the results.

Unfortunately, or maybe it is fortunately, we can’t do things the way we used to or the ways others do them: we have to be more diligent. If you want to change the way this disease is ransacking your life, then you must draw it in close. You cannot push it away. No amount of wishing it was different will get you there. Is now the time? If it’s not, ask yourself why this isn’t the most important thing in the world right now.

Living in this day and age is amazing and challenging. We have instant gratification at our fingertips. It is easy to get distracted from the big picture and to get pulled into some great or not-so-great amusement. There can be too many options, too many recommendations of how best to do it, too many ways to change track. Who would think this would be a problem?

For us, it is usually not a lack of information, but rather too much. This is where developing inner knowing can be so helpful. We become aware of our tendencies. Some will get paralyzed by just gathering information, some will be off trying harder, and others will be spending as much time as possible in social situations avoiding the issue.

You want to cultivate a readiness to show appreciation for the message the body is giving you and to return with kindness. You can change the belief that this is bad and your body is failing you to gratitude for the wake-up call, and in response, be willing to be kind to yourself, be willing to care for yourself. No more excuses; they don’t matter and they won’t get you better.

Dig deep. Is what you are doing now truly working for you? If it’s not, I can promise you without a doubt that it will not get better without you owning it and changing it. Be a warrior for change.

As you notice the shift from exhaustion to empowerment, you will also become aware of how good it feels to feel good! Your dreams will take up residence once again, and you will be unwilling to go back.

About the Author

Leah Carver is the Author of the International Bestseller, “Undoing Hashimoto’s,” and a Spa Wellness Coach. She teaches spa as a lifestyle – to build a lifestyle that supports you, instead of lifestyle you support. She co-hosts the Your Life Practice Podcast with her sister, Sara. She holds an ASTECC certification for Spa Therapies from Anne Bramham and studied Lymphatic drainage under Hildegard Wittlinger of The Dr Vodder School, and is currently a student of Rod Stryker and ParaYoga. Leah lives in Jupiter, FL on a small bonsai farm with her husband, her two daughters, her two dogs, cat, chickens and the occasional chaos.