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We’re so glad you’re here. Because being here means you want to feel better, and wanting better health is the very first step in obtaining it.

The Co-founders

We’re Danna & Ginny, the co-founders of Thyroid Refresh® and THYROID30®. We like to laugh and have fun, but we know the pursuit of better thyroid health is no joke because we’re thyroid patients just like you. If you’d like to know more about how we ended up here, check out Our Story.

We were fed up with the overwhelm of going it alone, so we teamed up to make a thyroid-healthy lifestyle simple, attainable, and Fun (with a capital F).

Welcome to a new way to live thyroid-healthy.

Thyroid Refresh® Membership is like having a subscription to a living, breathing, thyroid lifestyle magazine. Just $9 a month gives you access to:

  • Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Workouts & Movement Videos
  • Healing Meditations & Breathwork
  • Expert Health & Lifestyle Articles
  • Members-only Forums
  • Thyroid Refresh WEEKLY
  • Exclusive Discounts & MORE!

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This is the idea that sparked a partnership and a brand. Our 30-day wellness adventure is designed to help you reach your healing goals. There’s plenty of information out there about WHAT you should do, but we’re the first to show you HOW to do it.

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You Won’t Find Anything Else Like It

Our revolutionary lifestyle support platform is the first of it’s kind. Our seasonal THYROID30® wellness adventure will help you make progress towards a thyroid-healthy lifestyle. Thyroid Refresh® Membership helps you maintain that progress, and stay inspired. Together, they provide affordable, year-round support for thyroid patients.


Know This: You Belong Here

Wherever you are at on your thyroid journey, you are welcome here. There are so many ways to live thyroid healthy, and we are all unique. It’s about finding what works for YOU. A thyroid-healthy lifestyle can help you feel like you again. Let us show you how.

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