What We

Company Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To support, inform, inspire and empower ALL thyroid patients on their quests for better health.

Our two offerings provide affordable, year-round support for thyroid patients:

THYROID30® is our revolutionary wellness adventure that turns the pursuit of optimal health into a game. Motivation, accountability, team-based rewards and scoring are built right in to help you reach your goals.

Thyroid Refresh® Membership is our living thyroid lifestyle magazine. We deliver top-shelf articles, recipes, workouts, and resources in a streamlined and beautiful package.

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Our Vision

We make thyroid-healthy living simple and attainable by providing the information and inspiration you need to make the best choices for your health. Our expert-created content is designed to inspire and empower, not overwhelm. We provide the resources and tools thyroid patients need to reach their goals, in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

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Our Core Values

We believe that unshakable, vibrant health comes from loving yourself enough to give your body the best it deserves. These are the values our company is founded upon:

  1. Community

    It’s amazing what we’re capable of when we have the support we need

  2. Empowerment

    This means having the information and inspiration to make the best choices for your health

  3. Worthiness

    You ARE worth the effort. If you don’t know that yet, you will

  4. Kindness

    We are all in need of this, and we all deserve it. No matter what

  5. Integrity

    Trust & Transparency: The hallmarks of our customer experience

  6. Service

    We are here to help each other

  7. Fun

    Laughter, play, and joy help make the healing easier

  8. Health

    Another word for wealth (but you can’t put a price on it)

  9. Bio-individuality

    What we need, and what’s right for each one of us, is unique

  10. Authenticity

    Because REAL is so much more interesting than PERFECT

  11. Inclusivity

    We are here to support ALL thyroid patients.

  12. Love

    The answer, the reason, the mission, the whole point