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Here's Our Story

Our Story

We are two moms with Hashimoto's, who set out to create the support system we needed as thyroid patients.


Ginny Mahar

Thyroid Refresh® Co-Founder Ginny Mahar began creating a support community for thyroid patients with her former recipe and lifestyle blog, Hypothyroid Chef. After struggling for years with the residual symptoms of Hashimoto’s, she hit rock bottom and embarked on an odyssey of reclaiming her health. Within one year, she restored her vitality and cut her thyroid antibodies in half. Ginny is a passionate advocate of supporting others on their own journeys toward better health. She is a Cordon Bleu trained chef, cooking instructor, writer, and entrepreneur. She lives with her husband, son, and terrier/lab mix, in beautiful western Montana.

Get To Know Ginny Better
  1. Wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, and went to Space Camp.
  2. Faked her eye exam in second grade so that she could wear glasses.
  3. Worked as a sea kayaking guide in Alaska.
  4. Spent her first semester of college in Berlin and speaks (very rusty) German.

Danna Bowman

Danna Bowman became one of the leaders of the thyroid advocacy movement as the creator of Thyroid Nation and Thyroid Nation Radio. She has since passed the Thyroid Nation baton to pursue a brand new vision, as the Co-Founder of Thyroid Refresh®. She is also a founding member of the Health and Wellness Business Association. Thanks to Danna’s vast network of connections, the team of experts behind Thyroid Refresh® is an impressive force of love, light, and healing. She lives with her husband and teenage son and daughter in Asheville, North Carolina.

Get To Know Danna Better
  1. She wanted to grow up to be one of the fabulous Solid Gold dancers.
  2. Bungee jumped for her 40th bday. Amazingly, she wasn’t scared at all, but it hurt.
  3. Used to wear a headband (like Olivia Newton John) as a high school cheerleader, and eventually got the nickname Headbandanna.
  4. Hates to cook, but can peel a mean orange.

We knew there had to be a better way to thrive.

We have both dealt with the real challenges of life with thyroid disease. Soul-crushing fatigue, chronic hair loss, inability to lose weight, stubborn depression, debilitating anxiety, adrenal dysfunction, exercise intolerance, gut dysbiosis, chronic infections, temperature sensitivity, and more– we have lived it. And we have both found that the key to getting our lives back and staying healthy is thyroid-specific diet and lifestyle changes. Like many of you, we entered the overwhelming world of research, and began the process of implementing these changes alone.

We knew there had to be a better way to live and stay thyroid-healthy. A simpler way. A more FUN way.

One fateful spring day, while pondering our own thyroid challenges, we came up with an idea. What if we took the common-core recommendations for thyroid patients, and sculpted them into a community-based game, giving participants motivation, accountability, and much-needed support? The idea hit us like a lightning bolt, and even though it was completely out of our comfort zones, we felt the tremendous need to make thyroid-friendly living simple and attainable for regular people, like us. The potential to help so many people, facing the same challenges, inspired us to begin the process of building the online support system of our dreams. Thyroid Refresh, our full-service thyroid diet and lifestyle site was born. And on it’s heels, THYROID30, our revolutionary gamified wellness adventure, became the first and only real-world solution to the successful and sustainable implementation of thyroid-healthy lifestyle practices.

We put our foggy brains together and worked like mad, through autoimmune flares, financial ups and downs, personal challenges, and the unimaginable complexities of creating a membership site AND a custom web app. We felt like pioneers in new territory, creating something the thyroid world had never seen, featuring a library of top-shelf content, and a user experience to knock your socks off. It was not easy, but we had good help, most of all each other. Somehow we made it across the finish line.

We are so proud to welcome you to Thyroid Refresh® and THYROID30®, our online home for thyroid patients, where we can empower, simplify, and thrive together.

Wherever you are at on your thyroid journey, you are welcome here.

Danna & Ginny

Meet Our Team

One of our greatest assets is our core team of experts. We are so proud to feature their content, share their knowledge, and glean from their expertise. We can't wait for you to get to know them.

  • Mary-Shomon-Thyroid-Refresh

    Mary Shomon, Thyroid Expert

    Resident Thyroid Expert

    Mary Shomon is a patient advocate and New York Times bestselling author of 13 books on health. Mary has been researching, writing and teaching about thyroid disease, hormonal health, weight loss, and autoimmune disease for two decades. In addition to her books, you can find her writing at and, and catch her PBS Healthy Hormones television specials. Follow Mary on Facebook.

  • Katherine-Watkins-Thyroid-Refresh

    Katherine Watkins, FDN

    Transformational Health Coach

    Katherine Watkins is a Functional Health Consultant from London, UK. She is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York and a certified personal trainer (specializing in advanced clinical testing, detailed symptom profiling, mindset and emotional work). She is currently completing a life coaching certification from the Martha Beck Institute. When she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Katherine used her extensive knowledge and resources to naturally heal her underlying health imbalances. She now lives symptom-free and is passionate about helping others live similarly healthy, happy lives.

  • Adrienne-Klein-Holistic-Nutritionist-Thyroid-Refresh

    Adrienne Klein, CTNC

    Transformational Nutrition Coach

    Adrienne Klein, CTNC is a Billy Joel fan and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. In that order. As an Autoimmune Hypothyroid patient of 20 years herself, she’s been through the blood, sweat and tears that is an autoimmune disease. After graduating from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition as a CTNC and certified in Digestive Health, Weight Loss and Autoimmune Disease, she now works with thyroid patients to eliminate or decrease symptoms that persist even with medication. Click here to visit The Thyroid Whisperer.

  • Nadia-Ahrens-Thyroid-Refresh

    Nadia Ahrens, LICSW

    Resident Psychotherapist

    Nadia Ahrens, LICSW, is a psychotherapist and transformational coach in private practice. A graduate of Boston University and Columbia University, she’s been practicing the art of helping, teaching, and mentoring others for nearly twenty years. Nadia teaches Personal Transformation groups and retreats and is a trained clinical hypnotherapist. After enduring her own ‘transformational trauma,’ she believes that we can transform from anything and everything. We are all here to learn, grow, and evolve, into our best, shiniest selves. Nadia lives in Seattle with her husband and two surviving children. Join her on Facebook at Nadia Ahrens Therapy 

  • Stacey-Robbins-Thyroid-Refresh

    Stacey Robbins

    Stacey Robbins

    Stacey Robbins lives life by inspiration as an Integrated Wellness Coach, Speaker, and Author of An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide, You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone, and Bloom Beautiful. She creates experiences through her international retreats and workshops, empowering women to live from what she calls their “Brave Soul Place.” Stacey resides in Southern California with her author, tech-geek, musician husband and their two amazing, curly-haired teenage sons.

  • Divania-Timmal-Jones-Thyroid-Refresh

    Divania Timmal-Jones

    Managing Editor

    Divania Timmal-Jones received a Journalism degree in 2012 from Rhodes University in South Africa. She then spent five years teaching English in South Korea and traveling the world. During this time, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease, after months of fatigue and hair loss alerted her to the fact that something was seriously wrong. Diet and lifestyle changes, suggested by doctors and online support groups, have helped her to take control of her health. She is thrilled to be part of the Thyroid Refresh® team, and play a role in helping others manage their thyroid health. Divania currently lives in the US with her husband, Adam.

Our Contributors

In addition to our core team, we feature top-shelf content from a diverse array of expert contributors.

  • Andrea-Wool-Thyroid-Refresh

    Andrea Wool

    Andrea Wool is the founder and creator of Autoimmune Strong, an online fitness membership service designed specifically for people with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain.

  • Angela Brown, FDN-P

    Angela Brown is the creator of “The Sexy Thyroid Solution” program, to help women get their health back. She is a holistic health coach, certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), licensed physical therapist, and personal trainer.

  • Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG

    Dr. Anna Cabeca is a triple-board certified OBGYN and internationally-acclaimed women’s health expert. Her latest book is The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, Sleep Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way.

  • Anna-Hunt-Thyroid-Refresh

    Anna Hunt

    Anna Hunt is writer, yoga instructor, mother of three, and lover of healthy food. She’s the founder of Awareness Junkie, an online community paving the way for better health and personal transformation.

  • Brie Wieselman, L.Ac

    Brie Wieselman is a functional medicine practitioner, digestive health and hormone balance specialist. She works with women around the world in her online practice, empowering them with a personalized road map to transform their health.

  • Britt Reuter, MS, LN, LDN, CNS

    Britt Reuter is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and the author of the eBook “Girl’s Guide to Reversing Hair Loss”.

  • Brodie-Welch-Thyroid-Refresh

    Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.

    Brodie Welch is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and Chinese Medicine expert who helps women restore vitality and balance to their lives.

  • Ben Lynch

    Dr. Ben Lynch

    Ben Lynch, ND, researches, writes and presents worldwide on the topic of MTHFR, methylation defects and genetic control. He is the author of, “Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health.” 

  • Caitlin Beale, MS, RDN

    Caitlin Beale is a registered dietitian and health and wellness writer. She shares her passion for nutrition, gastrointestinal health, autoimmune conditions, food allergies/sensitivities, and women’s health at Caitlin Beale Wellness.

  • Carley-Schweet-Thyroid-Refresh

    Carley Schweet, IIN

    Carley Schweet is a recovering people pleaser, and the self-care coach and author behind the book and digital course, Boundaries with Soul™.

  • Dr. Debbie Rice

    Dr. Debbie Rice, ND is the Assistant Medical Director at Dr. Rice is a naturopathic doctor who focuses care on pediatric health, hormone health, thyroid health, and adrenal health.

  • Debra Atkinson

    Debra Atkinson is the founder of Flipping 50. She has used her hormone balancing and fitness expertise to help over 150,000 women “flip” their second half of life with energy and vitality.

  • Dr. Emily Kiberd, DC

    Dr. Emily Kiberd is the founder of Manhattan-based Urban Wellness Clinic. After putting her Hashimoto’s into remission she set out to help others by creating her strength-training program, Thyroid Strong.

  • Erin-Switalski-Thyroid-Refresh

    Erin Switalski

    Erin Switalski is the Executive Director for the non-profit Women’s Voices for the Earth, where her work has inspired unprecedented policy changes to reduce women’s exposure to chemicals.

  • Fern-Olivia-Thyroid-Refresh

    Fern Olivia

    Fern Olivia, Founder of Thyroid Yoga® and Ajai Alchemy, is a passionate, innovative, internationally recognized teacher, speaker and influencer on the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices.

  • Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

    Dr. Izabella Wentz has dedicated her career to addressing the root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease. She is the author of Hashimoto’s Protocol, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology.

  • Jenn Malecha, FDN-P

    Jenn Malecha, aka the Wholistic Health Boss, supports busy, health-mind professionals in taking back control of their health by giving them access to the right lab tests and resources.

  • Jill-Grunewald-Thyroid-Refresh

    Jill Grunewald, HNC, FMCHC

    Jill Grunewald, HNC, FMCHC, Integrative Nutrition and Hormone Coach, is a thyroid health and autoimmunity specialist and co-author of The Essential Thyroid Cookbook.

  • Kate Jay, NTP, CGP

    Kate Jay, NTP, CGP, is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified AIP Coach, trained chef and founder of

  • Kerry Jeffery

    Kerry Jeffery is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Life Coach, and the face behind the Emotional Autoimmunity podcast.

  • Lauren Chelec Cafritz

    Lauren Chelec Cafritz is a practitioner of Integrative Breathwork and Transformational Breath, who believes big, full breaths lead to big, full lives. Her website is ExperienceBreath.

  • Leah Carver

    Leah Carver is the Author of the International Bestseller, “Undoing Hashimoto’s,” and a Spa Wellness Coach. She provides practical tips and encouragement for women struggling with Hashimoto’s.

  • Lisa-Markley-Thyroid-Refresh

    Lisa Markley, MS, RDN

    Lisa Markley, MS, RDN is a dietitian, culinary nutrition expert, and co-author of The Essential Thyroid Cookbook: Over 100 Nourishing Recipes for Thriving with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

  • liz-schau

    Liz Schau, CHHC

    Liz Schau is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Intuitive who specializes nutrition and mind-body strategies for thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

  • Marcella Friel

    Marcella Friel is a mindful eating mentor who uses EFT Tapping to help health-conscious women love and forgive themselves, their food, and their figure.

  • Maryann-Berry-Thyroid-Refresh

    Maryann Berry

    A walking miracle, Maryann Berry went from a wheelchair-bound life of chronic pain, to strong and radiant Posture Alignment Specialist. She is the creator of Realign Therapy.

  • Suzanne-Wickremasinge-Thyroid-Refresh

    Suzanne Wickremasinghe

    Suzanne’s very own Cocolime Fitness creates modified, upbeat, and effective workouts specifically designed for people dealing with chronic health problems.

  • Dr. Teralyn Sell, PhD, MS, NBCC

    Dr. Teralyn Sell helps people overcome life’s obstacles through her innovative approach to brain health and emotional well-being.

  • Teri-Cochrane-Thyroid-Refresh

    Teri Cochrane, CCP

    Using cutting-edge science, nutritional counselor, Teri Cochrane, takes us ‘Beyond Nutrition’ to foster a deeper understanding of our complex, bio-individual needs.

  • Tiffany Flaten, MSN, CNS

    After discovering the power of food while healing from thyroid cancer, nutritionist Tiffany Flaten set out to help others at Rock Bottom Wellness.

  • Tiffany-Mladinich-Thyroid-Refresh

    Tiffany Mladinich

    In addition to co-hosting Thyroid Nation Radio, Tiffany Tucker Mladinich is a certified aromatherapist and handcrafts safe and healthy botanical skincare at Grateful Garden.