A Functional MD’s Approach to Thyroid and Dry Skin

with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Welcome to Thyroid Refresh TV!

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Kyrin Dunston about the link between dry skin and thyroid issues.

Dr. Kyrin helps women 40–60 lose weight, regain energy, balance their hormones and their moods, feel sexy and confident, look great, and master midlife.

Leading by example, she lost 100 pounds and healed herself from chronic disease using natural treatments. Dr. Kyrin hosts Her Brilliant Health Revolution Podcast, Her Brilliant Health Secrets YouTube channel, and the Stop the Menopause Madness Summit.

Join us for this informative discussion with Dr. Kyrin about how thyroid health affects skin health.

Listen/Watch time: 44 minutes

We know our bodies. We know how we should feel in our own skin. We are the experts on ourselves.

– dr. kyrin dunston

The thyroid is involved in all aspects of energy production and usage in all areas of your body. So, when you look at the skin, you’re kind of looking at a microcosm, and it’s a sign something’s wrong here.

– dr. kyrin dunston
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