Danna & Ginny’s 2019 Year in Review

with Danna & Ginny

Welcome to Thyroid Refresh TV!

Join us, Ginny & Danna, for a juicy and personal review of 2019: Our biggest wins, our most epic fails, and our opinions on some of the best and worst health trends of 2019. We talk about our personal experiments with things like EFT Tapping for stress-relief, inversion massage to stimulate hair growth, and new dietary interventions that made a humongous difference for each of us throughout the last year.

This episode is a little bit different from the rest, as we recorded it LIVE on the Thyroid Refresh Facebook page, which was loads of fun.

Tune in for this real-talk discussion on cutting-edge health and wellness for thyroid patients, both in 2019 and beyond!

*Disclaimer: In this episode we discuss interventions that we’ve personally made to optimize our health. We might mention medication, supplements, etc. that we’ve taken. Keep in mind that we are doing this with proper testing and guidance from our own medical professionals. We are all bio-individual, so what’s right for one person may be wrong for another. Thyroid Refresh TV is provided for informational purposes only and is never intended to replace or substitute services provided by a physician or other medical provider. 

Listen/Watch time: 1 hour

For my thyroid health, my biggest win was a 90% reduction in my antibodies.

– danna bowman

My biggest win of 2019 was bio-hacking my issues with sulfur sensitivity.

– ginny mahar
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