Diving Deep into Thyroid Testing: Answering Your Burning Questions

with Dr. Eric Balcavage, founder of the Rejuvagen Clinic

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In this episode, we speak with Dr. Eric Balcavage. Dr Eric is the owner and founder of Rejuvagen, a functional and regenerative medicine clinic in Glen Mills, PA. He is nationally recognized speaker and educator on various health related topics including thyroid physiology, bile physiology, detoxification, oxidative stress, methylation and chronic illness. He has been in private practice in Glen Mills, PA since 1996.

Dr. Balcavage is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.), a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, along with being a licensed Chiropractor in Pennsylvania. Dr. Balcavage is the co-host of the Thyroid Answers Podcast, which focuses on answering the pressing questions of those suffering with chronic hypothyroid symptoms. You can find his educational Thyroid Thursday videos on Vimeo and Youtube. Dr Balcavage has made it his mission to change the way medicine looks at hypothyroidism. He is currently working on a book that will address the problems with current allopathic and functional medicine approaches to hypothyroidism as well as the solutions to restoring thyroid physiology.

In this episode, Dr. Eric answers some essential questions about comprehensive thyroid testing, thyroid physiology, why traditional treatment doesn’t always work, and why TSH is not enough.

Listen/Watch time: 45 minutes

Most doctors within that medical model have been taught that there isn’t a problem with thyroid physiology until the gland becomes dysfunctional—and that is just not true.

– dr. eric balcavage

T3 is the active hormone. It’s the ‘go’ hormone.”

– dr. eric balcavage
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