Are High Achievers More Prone to Thyroid and Adrenal Issues?

with Dr. Teralyn Sell, PhD, MS, NBCC

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In this episode, we speak with the funny and vivacious Dr. Teralyn Sell about brain health, adrenal fatigue, and the thyroid, as well as how trauma in our past can have lasting effects well into our adulthood. Dr. Teralyn Sell has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology, Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, as well as being a National Board Certified Counselor, Mental Health & Addiction Nutrition Coach, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. She is also an author of the book “Kick Off Your Damn Heels!” How to Quit Anxiety and Live a Badass Life. Lastly, she is the host of the edgy and inspiring national podcast series, Kick Off Your Damn Heels, which delivers real-life advice for anyone struggling with anxiety and seeking holistic options.

*Disclaimer: For listeners with young ears nearby, there is some adult language in this episode!

Listen/Watch time: 37 minutes

When is enough enough?

– dr. teralyn sell

Eating protein to help with anxiety is huge.

– dr. teralyn sell
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