How Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance Affect You

with Dr. Daemon Jones

Welcome to Thyroid Refresh TV!

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Daemon Jones about blood sugar issues and insulin resistance, both of which can affect thyroid patients.

Dr. Dae’s mission is to find practical solutions to help patients ENJOY healthy living. This is the way she lives and what she teaches others every day!

Dr. Dae knows that in order to truly enjoy life, we need energy, concentration, focus, and stamina…in other words, we need our health!

She developed this philosophy from life experience. After graduating from Northwestern University, she joined one of the top five consulting firms in the country, and was working all the time. She was eating fast food everyday, driving 90 minutes to get to the client site, and she experienced physical and mental exhaustion.

Dr. Dae went to see a naturopathic doctor, and it changed the way she viewed life. This led her to become a naturopathic doctor. After graduating from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine, she returned to the Washington Metropolitan area to start her practice.

She commits her time and effort to helping people live their most vibrant life. She achieved that through private appointments, speaking engagements, writing articles, and books that make healthy living simple and easy to achieve.

Join us for this enlightening discussion with Dr. Dae about why thyroid patients should care about blood sugar and insulin resistance.

Listen/Watch time: 44 minutes

The number of people that are affected with blood sugar issues, prediabetes, and diabetes has been increasing.

– dr. daemon jones

As we tackle the underlying cause of the problem (not the symptoms), the symptoms begin to go away.

– dr. daemon jones
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