How to Protect Your Thyroid from Hidden Toxins

with Aimee Carlson

Welcome to Thyroid Refresh TV!

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Aimee Carlson, also known as “The Toxin Terminator!”

Aimee is the host of The Toxin Terminator podcast. She helps people restore and renew their health by removing toxins from their homes and their lives.

On her podcast, Aimee interviews industry experts to help people understand the physical and emotional effects that toxic products can have on you and your family. She also helps listeners discover safe alternatives they can use to remove hidden toxins for renewed health!

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Aimee about how we can protect the thyroid from hidden toxins. Tune in to learn more!

Listen/Watch time: 43 minutes

I believed if I could buy a product in a store, it’s safe for me and my family. And I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

– aimee carlson

What we clean with is more damaging to our bodies and our endocrine system than our personal care products.

– aimee carlson
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