How What You Eat (and Think) Can Save Your Life

with Teri Cochrane of Beyond Nutrition


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It’s impossible to come away from an encounter with Teri Cochrane without a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition, disease, and our bodies. From bio-individual nutrition to commonly overlooked sensitivities to things like sulfur and amyloids, Teri shares cutting-edge knowledge that we (as thyroid patients) desperately need.

Teri’s drive to become one of the nation’s top nutritional counselors happened naturally, after rescuing her children from a prognosis of lifelong illness using diet and lifestyle changes. At her Metro D.C. area practice, she uses her mega-smarts and her trademark approach to solve complex nutrition cases for a client roster that includes elite athletes and Olympic hopefuls.

Recently, in the wake of a stressful life change, Teri was able to use a dose of ‘her own medicine’ to save her life.  A number of dormant viruses in her body were reawakened by stress, all at once. Finding herself in the midst of a serious health crisis, she leaned on tools she created like The Wildatarian Diet, and her innovative gut health program, to get herself back to normal in just three weeks. Along the way, she learned some big lessons on self-care, mindset, and the importance of stress management. Get cozy, and have a listen to her incredible story.

Listen/Watch time: 25 minutes

We’re becoming a society of impaired sulfur-processing mechanisms

– Teri cochrane
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Heal and seal your gut, and you can eat rocks.

– teri cochrane

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