The Ins and Outs of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

with Adrienne Klein, The Thyroid Whisperer


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In this episode we speak with Adrienne Klein, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. She is an autoimmune thyroid patient of 20 years who has been through the blood, sweat and tears that is autoimmune disease. After graduating as a CTNC, she started working with thyroid patients to help decrease symptoms that persist even with medication. We’ll be talking to Adrienne about nutritional testing in general, but specifically the ins and outs of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and why it could be helpful to thyroid patients seeking answers.

Listen/Watch time: 37 minutes

This test is accurate to show what your body’s been doing in the last three months.

– adrienne klein

I think it [gluten] often gets brushed off as a fad. I’m here to say it’s NOT a fad for thyroid patients.

– adrienne klein
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