Meet Katherine Watkins: Transformational Health Coach

with Danna & Ginny


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Today, we get to know Thyroid Refresh team member, Katherine Watkins. Years ago, Katherine left a career as an attorney to follow her true passion. She became a transformational health coach and functional diagnostic nutritionist (FDN). She has Hashimoto’s and was able to put it into remission just six weeks after being diagnosed. Aside from all that, she’s an incredible human being and smart as a whip. We’re thrilled to introduce you to her.

You need to trust in your body’s process.
You can heal from anything;
I genuinely believe that.

-Katherine Watkins

Listen/Watch Time: 15 minutes


Get some testing done. You really need to find
out what’s at the heart of your
autoimmune reaction.

-Katherine Watkins

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