Meet Nadia Ahrens: Team Psychotherapist

with Danna & Ginny


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Today, we get to know Nadia Ahrens, LICSW, our resident psychotherapist. A graduate of Boston University and Columbia University, she’s been practicing the art of helping, teaching, and mentoring others for nearly twenty years. Nadia is a transformational coach in private practice, teaches Personal Transformation groups and retreats, and is a trained clinical hypnotherapist. After enduring the loss of her son, and what she calls her own ‘transformational trauma,’ she believes that we can transform from anything and everything and that we are all here to learn, grow, and evolve into our best, shiniest selves. Nadia lives in Seattle with her husband and two surviving children. Find her on Facebook at Nadia Ahrens Therapy. 

We’ll be chatting with her about how emotional and mental health are so important when trying to improve our thyroid lifestyle.

When you start small and you have these baby steps, you’re setting yourself up for success…don’t discount these itty bitty steps because those are the ones that are going to make a difference.

-Nadia Ahrens

Listen/Watch Time: 13 minutes

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Expectations and comparisons
only lead to suffering.

-Nadia Ahrens

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