Safe Use of Essential Oils for Thyroid

with Tiffany Mladinich of Grateful Garden


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Join us as we speak with Tiffany Mladinich of Grateful Garden. Tiffany is a professional aromatherapist, and has worked with essential oils for over 10 years. She has both Graves’ and Hashimoto’s. Danna and Tiffany developed a line of essential oil products (Thyroid Nation Essentials) specifically for thyroid patients. Essential oils can be helpful in combating some of the symptoms associated with thyroid disease, and Tiffany will be giving us tips on how we can use them safely.

Listen/Watch time: 40 minutes

Each essential oil has a different personality.

– tiffany mladinich
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It’s simple to keep yourself safe by knowing your oils.

– tiffany mladinich

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