Turning Limitations into Transformation

with Maryann Berry of Realign Therapy

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In this episode we speak with Maryann Berry, a walking miracle and the founder of Realign Therapy. After sustaining a hip injury while running, Maryann began a long and painful odyssey that eventually bound her to a wheelchair. She sought relief through numerous treatments and therapies while her mobility continued to decline and her pain increased.

Today, Maryann is a competitive bodybuilder and Posture Alignment Specialist. Join us as she shares the amazing story of her rehabilitation, the surprising root cause of her injury, and the therapeutic program that finally restored her mobility.

Listen/Watch time: 37 minutes

Every part of the body is connected.

– maryann berry

My mission is to get the principles and the underpinnings of what makes the Egoscue Method out to the world.

– maryann berry
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