Working 9 to 5 with a Thyroid Condition

with Jessie Fritz

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In this episode, we speak with Jessie Fritz about finding the right employment situation when dealing with a chronic illness. Jessie is a chronic illness advocate and empowerment coach who helps women pursue their passions and step into their power.

She lives with Hashimoto’s and gut issues while also working a full-time job in social media. Through non-toxic products and lifestyle changes, she and her husband are living their lives to the fullest.

Jessie is passionate about creating positive community in the chronic illness space. She struggled to find that optimistic healing mindset in online groups when she started her own search for support, which led her to start her podcast, Chronically Healing, in October 2018. Through her podcast, blog and social media, Jessie works to break the stigma that those living with chronic issues cannot go after their dreams and ambitions.

Join us as we chat with Jessie about her own journey with toxic work environments, and her tips for finding employment that works for you and your health. Tune in to hear our discussion!

Listen/Watch time: 40 minutes

I think people are afraid to tell [employers] about their illness…Being transparent about the things that you want and what you’re looking for is really important.

– jessie fritz

You are worth it—you are worth people’s time, you are worth people’s energy, you are worth being supported.

– jessie fritz
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