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Taking the First Steps on Your Wellness Journey

By: Tiffany Mladinich

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Sisterly Advice from ‘Professional Patient’ Tiffany Mladinich

If you’re a fan of Thyroid Nation Radio, you know Tiffany Tucker Mladinich. She’s the passionate and inquisitive voice behind the microphone, alongside co-host and Thyroid Refresh™ co-founder, Danna Bowman. You may also know her as a professional aromatherapist and gifted creator of the botanical skincare products at Grateful Garden. The story behind those talents is the reason we asked Tiff to share her wisdom and advice with you today.

Tiffany describes herself as a “professional patient since birth”. Born to two hypothyroid parents, she is a Hashimoto’s patient herself. She has endured multiple organ failures, chronic Epstein Barr, HELLP Syndrome, and is a food-controlled Type 2 diabetic.

She is also the first to tell you,

I am so much more.

Taking the hand that fate and genetics dealt her, Tiffany became an empowered patient, informed advocate, and student of the journey.

“There is always something new to learn,” she says. “Every day reveals something else about my body, my strength, and my health. I am learning to trust the inner voice as my ultimate guide. The more I listen, the more I heal.”

We reached out to Tiffany to ask, “What would you tell people who are new to this realm? What are some of the things you’ve learned along the way, or wish you knew when you set out on your own journey to wellness?”

Here’s what she had to say:

1. Simplify, Prioritize, Forgive

I know you’re a superhero in your own right. But right now, while trying to figure things out, you may feel like you’re holding kryptonite.

Prioritize and be reasonable with yourself. Arrange your tasks in order of importance and, on a bad day (we all have them!), feel free to bump a few things onto tomorrow’s list. Forgive yourself when the day doesn’t pan out as you thought. Tomorrow is right around the corner.

2. Find Your Joy

This is critical. Do more of whatever makes you feel good: music, painting, dancing, reading a great novel, hiking, running, watching a favorite movie, surfing, quilting etc.

We are often advised to reduce stress, but for some of us, trying to find exactly what reduces our stress is overwhelming. For me, it’s much easier to find joy and do things that make me happy, and my stress is reduced as a result.

3. Keep a Health Journal

Some can’t stand the idea of journaling, but a ‘medical memoir’ (as some prefer to call it) can be helpful. At some point, we’ve all looked back at a past event or period of time and thought, Why was I feeling so good? A health journal is the perfect way to go back and see what you were feeling, or why you felt a certain way.

You can record whatever you want: supplements, exercise programs, medication changes, meal plans, etc. Health journals are also great for jotting down funny, forgiving or loving notes to yourself.

4. Read Labels

This applies to body care, foods, and supplements. If it’s got a label, read and evaluate it. There is almost always a cleaner version of the items we need and love. If you can’t pronounce it, your body probably won’t know what it is either.

Avoid added sugars, soy and preservatives. Try to choose organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, or free-range when you can. Sometimes, it’s a price difference of 10 to 20 cents.

5. Find Your Tribe

There is a group for every possible view, health concern, and protocol (e.g. hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, vegan, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Hashimoto’s, Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, etc.).

Make sure the groups you choose are loving, forgiving, helpful and supportive – especially on your bad days. If not, look for another one. Keep trying until you’re home. But take note: It’s rarely ever a done deal. This is a journey. You may decide that what worked last month is no longer effective, and embark on a new path to wellness. That is your right.

Wishing you much love, light and smooth sailing…and don’t worry, there are lots of life preservers floating nearby.

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About the Author

Tiffany Mladinich is the co-host of Thyroid Nation Radio, and co-founder of Thyroid Nation Essential Blends. She is a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, and creates handcrafted skincare and aromatherapy blends at Grateful Garden Botanicals. Tiffany’s passion for safe and healthy personal care products stems from a history of lifelong medical issues, including Hashimoto’s, multiple organ failures, chronic Epstein Barr, HELLP Synrdome, and Type 2 Diabetes (food controlled). She is an empowered patient, informed advocate, student of life, and ever-grateful for this amazing journey.