THYROID30 Tuneup
The Ultimate Crash Course Every Thyroid Patient Needs

Are you frustrated with thyroid treatment that has left you plagued with residual symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and more? Do you feel left in the dark about medication options and supplements? Are you overwhelmed trying to sort through all the information about what you’re supposed to do to feel better?

  • What foods should I be eating? Or not eating?
  • What supplements should I be taking?
  • What’s the best medication?
  • What tests do I need? And what do the results mean?
  • Is there an underlying root cause to my thyroid issues?

It's enough to make you scream,


The THYROID30 Tuneup is going to show you exactly what you need to know. 

How many of these symptoms are you currently struggling with?

Weight Gain
Brain Fog
Hair Loss
Joint Pain
Depression and/or Anxiety
Dry Skin
Low Libido
Exercise Intolerance

If you checked 10, 5, or even 1 of these boxes, you’re probably in need of a THYROID30 TUNEUP! 

Your doctor may have told you that all you need to do is take one pill a day and all your thyroid symptoms will go away. "Easy to treat," is the party line. 

The TRUTH? It doesn’t always work that way. 

Even if you’re properly diagnosed, on medication, and your TSH is in the normal range, you can be plagued by thyroid-related symptoms. While medication is an important part of your treatment, there’s a LOT more to it. For starters:

  • Are you on the RIGHT medication? And at the RIGHT dosage? 
  • Do you “just” have hypothyroidism, or is it actually Hashimoto’s?
  • Are adrenal and hormone issues complicating your thyroid treatment? 
  • Is your diet contributing to your ongoing thyroid issues?
  • Are nutrient deficiencies contributing to your symptoms?
  • Are your test results in the OPTIMAL range?
Get the Answers You Need.

The Thyroid is the body’s metabolic and hormonal engine. If it’s out of whack, everything’s going to be out of whack. Just like you would take your car to the mechanic if it weren’t running well, you need to do the same for your thyroid from time to time.

"The THYROID30 Tuneup was very informative. As someone who was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism two years ago this info was never explained to me by a professional. Love the handbook for future reference!" 👌

-Paula S.

Meet Mary Shomon:
Your Thyroid Guide and Head Mechanic

Mary Shomon is the world’s leading thyroid coach and patient advocate. She's a NYT bestselling author of over a dozen books on thyroid health.  "Thyroid Mary" has been helping thyroid patients get their metabolic and hormonal engines humming again, for more than TWO DECADES. Not only does Mary Shomon know her stuff, she’s sharp as a tack, rip-roaring witty, and one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world of thyroid health and wellness. She also sits at the head of the Thyroid Refresh advisory board.

At Thyroid Refresh, our mission is to simplify thyroid-healthy living, so that thyroid patients everywhere can get their lives back and THRIVE. We’ve all been through these struggles, and we had to do it alone. We spent years collecting the information contained in the THYROID30 Tuneup. But we created this so that you don’t have to!

We teamed up with Mary Shomon to bring you the THYROID30 Tuneup and to help you get back on the road of life. There are so many simple tweaks, hacks, and facts you can apply, and all of it is laid out in this high-value, expert-led course.

Say Goodbye to Information Overload.

Without help, we’ll be honest—this journey IS confusing! It IS overwhelming! It’s time-consuming and lonely and the end result is that a lot of people end up more lost than when they started. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! 

The THYROID30 Tuneup walks you step by step through everything you need to know. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy this on-demand, 3-part Video Series, complete with a 100+ page owners manual. 

You don’t have to take notes! You don’t have to remember anything! It’s all there, outlined in the course materials at your fingertips. You can refer to these resources again and again, whenever you’re in need of a “tuneup.”

The THYROID30 Tuneup covers topics like:
Which foods you should eat, and not eat

Which supplements can help your thyroid

The difference between “normal” and OPTIMAL test results
ALL your options for thyroid medication
Sleep issues and how they affect your thyroid health

The effect of stress on the thyroid and how to manage it

Thyroid antibodies and why they matter

How your adrenals and sex hormones affect the thyroid


How to TROUBLESHOOT your thyroid issues


A step-by-step roadmap to your own THYROID30 Tuneup!!

Here’s what the THYROID30 Tuneup DOESN’T have:

Loads of dry medical jargon and clinical information


Boring videos that leave you more confused than when you started


Cleverly disguised sales pitches for our very own shakes and supplements


Wishy-washy information from pseudo-experts


A jaw-dropping price tag

Who is the THYROID30 Tuneup for?

The THYROID30 Tuneup is for anyone taking supplemental thyroid hormone (Levothyroxine, Tirosint, Armour, Naturethroid, Synthroid, Cytomel, etc.) Whether you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or you don’t HAVE a thyroid, the THYROID30 Tuneup is for you. 

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, or decades down the path, you will come away with a complete understanding of what’s working and what’s not working in terms of your thyroid treatment. 

Whether you’re just mildly annoyed with symptoms like tiredness, or whether you’re broke down on the side of the road, unable to work and live a normal life, every thyroid patient NEEDS THIS INFORMATION

The THYROID30 Tuneup is going to:

  • Save you time- No more scouring questionable websites or reading dozens of books just to end up overwhelmed

  • Save you money- Get targeted and organized with your thyroid treatment goals

  • Give you clarity in a fun and convenient package

  • Show you EXACTLY what you need to do

  • Help you get rid of those residual thyroid symptoms 

  • Get you smiling, back on the road of life and ON YOUR WAY! 

So, what’s stopping YOU from enjoying the ride??

You get your car’s scheduled oil changes, make sure the gas tank has fuel in it, and air in the tires. Why not do the SAME for your thyroid? After all, you DON’T get to trade this body in for a newer model.

Ready to Get Your Engine Revving Again?

The complete THYROID30 Tuneup includes:

  • A 3-part, online, on-demand video series

  • A 130+ page Owners Manual eBook

  • Bonus 1: Thyroid-healthy Lifestyle Checklist

  • Bonus 2: Thyroid-Thrivers’ Grocery Guide 

Ready to Get Your Engine Revving Again?

The complete THYROID30 Tuneup includes:

  • A 3-part, online, on-demand video series

  • A 130+ page Owners Manual eBook

  • Bonus 1: Thyroid-healthy Lifestyle Checklist

  • Bonus 2: Thyroid-Thrivers’ Grocery Guide 

Still not sure?
Check out these incredible bonuses! 

BONUS GIFT 1: 25 Ways to Refresh Your Thyroid-healthy Lifestyle

This inspiring checklist was designed to introduce you to some of the simple and enjoyable things you can do today, to start down the path of healing. Even if thyroid-friendly living is old hat for you, some of these ideas might come as a refreshing surprise. You’ll find ideas on food & nutrition, reducing toxins, movement, lifestyle, self-care, health information, and mindset!

BONUS GIFT 2: The Thyroid Thrivers’ Grocery Guide

When it comes to a thyroid-friendly diet, there sure are a lot of things we’re not supposed to eat. That’s no fun! Our Thyroid Thrivers’ Grocery Guide includes over 130 delicious foods you CAN eat, including clean protein sources, fruits & veggies, gluten-free whole grains, herbs, seasonings, condiments, healthy fats & oils, and even sweets & treats.

Get Immediate Access at the Lowest Price Ever

Together, the complete THYROID30 Tuneup Package is worth over $150, but our goal is to get as many of you back on the road as soon as possible, so we priced it at just $97.


Is this only for those diagnosed hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s?

NO. While this program does address hypothyroid treatment, it is not limited only to those who have been diagnosed with hypothroidism or Hashimoto’s. The information contained in the program is helpful for anyone who is taking supplemental thyroid hormone, for any reason. 

To clarify, you are hypothyroid if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism

  • You had your entire thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer, goiter, nodules, or Graves’ Disease/hyperthyroidism.

  • You had part of your thyroid surgically removed for any reason and now take thyroid hormone replacement. 

  • You had Radioactive Iodine treatment (RAI) for Graves’/hyperthyroidism and now take thyroid hormone replacement

If any of those items describe you, the THYROID30 Tuneup is for you!

I’m a Thyroid Refresh Member. Is there a discount?

As long as the THYROID30 Tuneup is on sale, no additional discounts are applied. Once the THYROID30 Tuneup returns to the retail price, there will be a discount offered to Thyroid Refresh Members.

How much time will this require?

Mary Shomon’s 3-part video series takes approximately 3 hours to watch. Each video is 1 hour in length. You may follow along with your THYROID30 Tuneup Owners Manual, or read it cover to cover at your leisure. The Owners’ Manual is 123 pages, with plenty of pictures, charts, and infographics, and will take 2 to 3 hours to read, on average.

What if I have questions? Will there be online support?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are happy to help with any THYROID30 Tuneup questions or customer service needs. For assistance, you can reply to any of our emails or reach us at

NOTE: The THYROID30 Tuneup does not include 1-on-1 coaching or medical advice of any kind. If you would like to work 1-on-1 with Mary Shomon, you can learn more about her health coaching rates HERE

Have more questions? Email us anytime at!