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The Thyroid-Friendly
We’ve Made It Easy to Stay Active at Home!

Who’s ready to get active?! Maintaining a physical fitness routine is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. For thyroid patients, there’s a bit more to it than just hopping on that spin bike or trotting off to boot camp class. It’s important to choose exercise that does our bodies good, not harm. In other words, we need workouts that give us all the positive benefits of exercise without over-stressing the body. That’s why we’ve created the Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit! 

What's Inside:
  • 20 Thyroid-Friendly Workout Videos
  • 15-page Thyroid-Friendly Exercise Guide

  • 28-Day Movement Plan

  • Printable Exercise Tracker

We've also thrown in our Water Refresher Bundle as a bonus! The Water Refresher Bundle includes:

  • Guide to Hydration for Thyroid Patients
  • Infused Water Recipe Book

  • Printable Water Tracker

Is the Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit Right for Me?

No matter your age or fitness level, the Workout Kit is for you. Whether you’re already active, or stuck on the couch, this kit is designed to help you get and stay active. You’ll start gently and work your way up. 

There are no special skills required, and almost all of the workouts require no special equipment. You don’t even need to be a thyroid patient to enjoy these workouts! But for those of us who suffer from thyroid and/or autoimmune issues, this kit will show you everything you need to know about safe and effective movement. 

The best part is that we have such a wide variety of workouts: from yoga and Qigong, to interval and strength training, to dance and barre. All the videos are quick and easy, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length. You’ll never get bored, and if you follow our 28-day Movement Plan, you’ll never do the same workout twice! 

Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit offers you:
Workouts for every fitness level

Workouts for all tastes

Workouts from 10–30 minutes long
Workouts you can do from the comfort of your home
Workouts that won’t over-stress your body

Something for everyone!

And none of this:

NO extreme or boring workouts


NO Gym membership fees


NO special equipment required


NO triple-digit price tag

What Makes it Thyroid-Friendly?

Did you know that there are special considerations to keep in mind when you’re exercising as a thyroid patient? Certain dangers and physical complications such as hypermobility, adrenal dysfunction, and exercise intolerance are more common for us. When you purchase the Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit, you’ll learn how to get all the benefits from your exercise routine, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Everything you need to know is included in our 15-page Thyroid-Friendly Exercise Guide.

  • How to Exercise with a Thyroid or Adrenal Condition
  • The Goldilocks Principle: Which Exercise is Right for You?

  • How to Avoid an Exercise-Induced Symptom Flare-Up

  • Common Physical Complications for Thyroid Patients

The Workouts
  1. Mobilize & Strengthen with Maryann 
  2. MIIT Cardio Workout with Suzanne
  3. Chair Yoga with Anna 
  4. Simple, Safe, & Sane Strength Training with Debra 
  5. “Better than Barre” with Debra 
  6. Realign & Stimulate with Maryann 
  7. Invigorating Yoga Flow with Anna 
  8. Core Stability & Balance Training with Andrea 
  9. Simple Wall Workout with Maryann 
  10. Qigong for Your Thyroid & Adrenals with Brodie 
  11. Kettlebell Strength Training with Dr. Emily 
  12. Yoga Flow for the Neck & Thyroid with Anna 
  13. Stress Relief Routine with Maryann 
  14. Glutes, Legs, & Arms with Andrea 
  15. Hip-Hop Cardio with Suzanne 
  16. Banish Brain Fog Yoga with Fern 
  17. Upper Body Toning with Maryann 
  18. Self-Care Routine with Maryann 
  19. Restorative Evening Yoga with Fern 
  20. Foam Rolling with Dr. Emily 
About Our Experts

Our workouts are created by amazing experts and doctors who specialize in areas like autoimmune exercise, thyroid-friendly exercise, rehabilitative exercise, and women-specific exercise for all ages. Every single one of them shares our passion to help YOU thrive!

Dr. Emily Kiberd is a Hashimoto’s patient and the founder of Thyroid Strong, and the Manhattan-based Urban Wellness Clinic. 

Katherine Watkins is a Hashimoto’s patient, London-based functional health consultant, and certified personal trainer. She specializes in advanced clinical testing, detailed symptom profiling, mindset, and emotional work.

Suzanne Wickremasinghe is a fibromyalgia patient and the founder of Cocolime Fitness, which specializes in low-impact exercise for people with chronic health problems. 

Maryann Berry is a former firefighter and bodybuilder who ended up in a wheelchair due to chronic pain, before reclaiming her mobility and founding Realign Therapy. 

Andrea Wool is a Hashimoto’s and fibromyalgia patient who reclaimed her physical fitness, became a certified physical trainer, and founded the Autoimmune Strong program. 

Brodie Welch is a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, holistic health coach, and self-care strategist at Life in Balance Acupuncture.

Debra Atkinson is a former exercise and kinesiology instructor from Iowa State University, and the Founder of Flipping 50, where she helps women stay active as they age.

Fern Olivia is a Hashimoto’s patient and the founder of Thyroid Yoga®. She's an internationally recognized teacher, speaker, and influencer on the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices. 

Anna Hunt is a Hatha and therapeutic yoga instructor and the Co-Founder of Maturity In Motion, an online community that offers gentle exercises and therapeutic movements.

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BONUS GIFT:  Water Refresher Bundle includes:

  • Guide to Hydration for Thyroid Patients
  • Infused Water Recipe Book

  • Printable Water Tracker

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The Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit saves you hundreds of dollars in online exercise programs, apps, memberships, and gym fees. Most importantly it saves you months (or even years!) wondering why your current exercise routine isn't working for you-- and may be doing more harm than good. Our goal is to get as many of you back in action as soon as possible, so we priced it at just $67. But because our current circumstances mean that you need to stay active at home, we decided to make this easy for you by lowering the price to just $47.

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How difficult are the workouts?

None of our workouts require special skills, extreme flexibility, or a high level of physical fitness. Several of our workouts are rehabilitative, and some can even be done from bed or in a chair. Our instructors offer modifications for those looking for easier (or harder) moves. The workouts range from low-intensity to high-intensity, but most are in the low to moderate range. Keep in mind that low-intensity does not mean less effective! For thyroid patients, less is often more. 

Each workout clearly states the intensity level at the top of the description. 

What equipment will I need? 

Of the 20 workouts, only three of them require special equipment. The others only require a space to move in, and basic household equipment like blankets, chairs, or pillows. A pad or yoga mat is often recommended but not required. The workouts that do require equipment include an exercise ball, hand weights and/or kettlebells, and a foam roller.

Each workout clearly states what, if any, equipment is recommended at the top of the description. 

What type of workouts are included?

The Thyroid-Friendly Exercise Kit has something for everyone. Our workouts span various disciplines that include core work, bodyweight training, interval training, dance, strength training, yoga, Qigong, barre, kettlebells, and therapeutic movement. 

How long are the workouts? 

Our workouts range from 10 to 30 minutes in length. Each workout clearly states how long it is at the top of the description.

I’m a Thyroid Refresh Member. Is this included with my membership?

Our Members already have access to the exclusive (locked) workouts and expert-written articles on thyroid-friendly exercise, via the Thyroid Refresh website. If you are a Thyroid Refresh Member who appreciates the convenience of having these resources compiled in one pretty package, you may wish to purchase the Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit. If you are not a member, and would like to gain access to our entire library of exclusive content (including our workouts, recipes, meditations, articles, and more) you can explore membership HERE

Is there a discount for Thyroid Refresh Members?

As long as The Thyroid-Friendly Workout Kit is on sale, no additional discounts are applied. Once the Workout Kit returns to the retail price, there will be a discount offered to Thyroid Refresh Members.

What if I have questions? Will there be online support?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are happy to help with your questions or customer service needs. For assistance, you can reply to any of our emails or reach us at

Have more questions? Email us anytime at!